newport cottages baby shower

Newport Cottages Baby Shower Event












The cake pops are from Just a Bite cake pops, they taste delicious and they will match frosting colors for you, which is awesome!

The big cupcakes and lemon bars are from Susie Cakes in Newport Beach. They will also match frosting colors and everyone was raving about how great they tasted.

The mini cupcakes are from Sprinkles. They have a ton of different medallions you can choose from to customize them exactly how you like.

The adorable straws the cake pops are on and the Baby Shower banner are from Where’s the Party in Newport Beach.

I added strawberries, cucumber and mint to the water and it was very refreshing and so simple.

I put out some fresh fruit to be added to the champagne and sparkling cider. Something else you could do is put some juice in wine decanters to make a mimosa bar. Orange, grapefruit and cranberry juice are some good options.

TJ Maxx is a great place get cute and reasonably priced cake stands and platters, which can be used over and over.


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